A Place For Everyone

As our vision states, we are a multi-cultural Church with no racial barriers that looks at all people as those for whom Jesus died. That sees all Christians as brothers and sisters in the Lord and understands that Jesus sits in Heaven to make intercession for all.

We believe that there is a place for everyone in the Body of Christ. And more than that a place that he desires for you to be planted and grow in your walk of faith. Each ministry is specially designed with this purpose in mind.



And he said to me, “My holy lovers are wonderful, my majestic ones, my glorious ones, fulfilling all my desires.”
Psalm 16:3 (The Passion Translation)

Understand that women are extremely valuable and vital in the Kingdom of God. The very key to a successful life and marriage is founded and built upon our relationship with Jesus. It is only through our wholehearted pursuit of Him that we can walk in God’s best and truly be fulfilled.  Majestic is designed to build women up and teach them who they are in Christ, and to encourage each woman to wholeheartedly pursue Jesus personally (Psalm 119:2).

The Amplified Version of Isaiah 62:3 brings scriptural reality to the by and large standard of Majestic. “You shall also be [so beautiful and prosperous as to be thought of as] a crown of glory and honor in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem [exceedingly beautiful] in the hand of your God.

Presently the Majestic meet every second Saturday in each month.  Regular meetings are held at Jasper Christian Center auditorium at 10:30 a.m. Usually, the meetings last about 45 minutes; then the schedule continues with a time of fellowship and lunch. What a great opportunity to build friendships and encourage one another! Believing that strength is so much attributed to our divine connections, ladies are encouraged to be present at these meetings and draw from The Word and from friendships that are available here.  There are occasional meetings that are designed for ladies that are held from time to time in various venues and a range of themes.  For example, we may have a guest speaker in, and have a banquet, or sometimes even go on a trip to the beach.  Be sure not to miss these Blessed events and be a part of Majestic.